Best Trekking Shoes for Men

The holiday season is almost here, and it’s time to figure out what you’ll be doing on your vacation. Should you go on a trip, opt for a staycation, take part in some leisure activities, or go on an adventure? If the word ‘adventure’ excites you, then you’re definitely someone who enjoys trekking! 

Trekking is the best activity to partake if you enjoy exerting yourself while breathing in the beauty of nature. It’s a pretty versatile activity, too! From snow treks, to waterfalls, to national parks and even forts, trekking can help you discover it all. Exploring different sceneries by foot while listening to the music of the earth sounds like the best adventure, doesn’t it? 

But what happens when you’re wearing the wrong shoes and your feet don’t cooperate? Your adventurous holiday takes a gloomy turn. To avoid that from happening, pick the best trekking shoes for yourself!  

Trekking is an expedition that revolves around walking and climbing. Which means that your trekking shoes can either make or break your experience. Choosing your ideal pair of hiking and trekking shoes in itself can be a really challenging experience. 

While choosing your pair of trekking shoes for men, you need to consider the fit, the materials, and the kind of environment the shoes will survive in. Nowadays, the market for trekking shoes is shifting from heavy and bulky to lightweight and versatile. But while purchasing for your pair of hiking and trekking shoes, there’s a lot of factors to consider. 

What To Look For When Choosing Trekking Shoes

Different kinds of treks require different types of shoes. Which leads to the question- What kind of trekking shoes do I need to buy? 

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The best pair of trekking shoes for men are versatile and capable of surviving any weather conditions. So, how do you know if this pair is The One? Let’s find out!

  • Good Grip
    Shoes with a good grip are crucial for a trek. It saves you from tripping or losing your footing by allowing you to take firm steps throughout your journey. You can check for good grip by looking at the soles of the shoes. If there is mud and dirt getting stuck in the grooves indented in your shoes, it signifies good grip and firm design. 

  • Weight
    The weight on your feet weighs you down 5 times more than the weight on your back. Using lightweight shoes would put less pressure on your body and wouldn’t drain your energy. 
    Lighter shoes help you avoid muscle fatigue, stumbling, and keep you away from knee or hip problems.  

  • Softness and Flexibility
    Trekking isn’t the same everywhere. Every trek has a different terrain and different environments. While picking your ideal trekking shoes for men, it is important to remember you need a pair that can aid your feet on any terrain and endure any weather. A soft and flexible sole can easily adapt to the terrain you’re trekking on and make sure you’re comfortable while walking.  

  • Snug Fit
    Imagine going for a tedious trek and you develop shoe bites halfway through because you’re wearing the wrong shoe size! This is why it is important to find a pair of trekking shoes that fit you correctly and feel comfortable to walk in. 

    It is advised to shop for a shoe that’s one size bigger than your normal size. This makes sure your feet dont get congested and your toes don’t constantly rub against the shoe, causing discomfort. This also helps in case you wear thick socks during a winter trek. 

  • Water-Resistant
    Trekking near a waterfall? Planning to go on a trekking expedition during monsoons? Or trekking through a strange of snowy mountains? Whatever your adventure may be, you need a pair of the best trekking shoes for it! Most importantly, these shoes need to be water-resistant to avoid walking with soggy and wet feet. 

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  • Durability
    When you buy a pair of hiking and trekking shoes, it is supposed to be a long term investment. Always look for shoes that are built with durable and high-quality materials. Usually, shoes built with traditional leather are long lasting and worth every penny.

  • Ankle Support
    Your ankles are sensitive and prone to injuries during a trek. Looking for shoes that provide you with a good amount of ankle support should be your priority. Most running shoes are meant to be lightweight and hence lack ankle support. 

    However, on a trek, you will be climbing rough and difficult terrains. This may put pressure on your ankles and cause them to twist in unusual angles. Always look for shoes with ankle support to avoid such injuries. 

The Ideal Trekking Shoes for Men

Ergon Style is here to provide you with the best trekking shoes in India. From durability and comfort to style and good grip, our pair of Hikers and Bikers shoes have it all! 

Dark Brown Trekking Shoes for Men

The rich leather body of these shoes not only make it long lasting but also water-resistant, making them perfect for your soggy trek days. The grooves on the soles provide you with a stable and firm grip, making the slippery trails easier for you to cross. 

If you’re worried about comfort, the breathable midsole and anitmicrobial footbed will ensure extra comfort for your feet with freshness and stability. Built with composite toe caps to avoid shoebites and congestion, our Hikers & Bikers are here to convince you with their protective and snug design. In addition, the rubber outsole is also built with highly tolerant materials, ensuring oil resistance and abrasion. 

Designed for the men on the road, these trekking shoes for men are the perfect match for you if you’re looking for adventure, exploration, and thrill. The rugged style and protective built can match your love for discovery with the same vibe. 

Not only do they look smart and tough, but they’re also designed to be lightweight, ensure a good grip and increased longevity. 

Maintaining Your Shoes

Trekking shoes for men don’t exactly come cheap. Like we said, they’re a big investment. It is important to take care of this investment to make sure they last longer. In order to break into your shoes when you first buy them, you need to wear them for around two weeks. This helps make sure you don’t get any shoebites and your feet adjust to the shoes. 

You must also remember to always clean your shoes when you return from a trek. The dirt and grime from your trek collecting on your shoe affects the waterproofing and overall condition of the shoe. Clean your shoes with lukewarm water and a soft brush. 

After cleaning, remove the insole and untie the laces and give your shoes time to dry. Don’t expose them to a direct source of heat. Leave them to dry indoors at room temperature. Before storing your shoes, make sure that they are completely dry. Store your shoes in a dry and ventilated area so they can retain their condition. 

Ergon Style’s Hikers & Bikers are one of the best trekking shoes in India. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that would go a long way with you, Ergon can help you find your match!