Types of Sneakers to Wear in 2022

Types of Sneakers to Wear in 2022

Types of Sneakers to Wear

We are always looking for the most comfortable pair of footwear out there. And sneakers are something that goes with every outfit and is quite durable.

Most people confuse them with sports sneakers. And so it's essential to know how to style them and make them a perfect match with your outfit. Read the blog further to learn about different types of sneakers, and the differences between sneakers and shoes.

What Are Sneakers?

We all have those go-to trousers, which go with every fit and occasion. We also have those particular pairs of footwear that we wear everywhere. It generally ends up being sneakers for most of us; they are an ultimate go-to for any event. The convenience and affordability add to its perks, with the new trendy designs and different types of sneakers that keep entering the market. 

The name was derived from its outsole flexibility, as it doesn't make any noise, so you can 'sneak up' to anyone without them noticing. This is how the name 'sneakers' came into existence. People generally confuse sneakers as something that is just meant for sports,' sport sneakers', but this is not the case as they have multiple other uses. Additionally, sneakers are also fashion-forward, as the right pair of sneakers can effortlessly give you a perfect look.

Types Of Sneakers

As mentioned above, there are different types of sneakers with a vast range of designs. And they're not just sports sneakers but have other purposes as well. Check out the list below to learn about different types of sneakers:

Plimsole Sneakers

They are the most common type of sneakers and now are available in so many different styles according to one's preference. They are the best option for a smart and casual look. 

You can style them up with skinny rolled up jeans and make sure that you don't wear long socks as that would take off the focus from the pattern of the sneakers.

Denver ED 02 Ergon Style series of sneakers would fit into this category. They can go with denim shorts, linen trousers and skinny jeans and are available in brown, white and black colours. 

Slip-on Sneakers

The most classy sneakers with no lace are what make slip-ons so popular. They are super comfy and give a minimalist style to your look.

Different patterns will provide you with other options to choose from. It provides a simple and classic look. Make sure to pair it with socks that will not be visible.

Ergon Style's Denver ED 03 has an excellent neutral colour range of slip-ons available for a classy look.

Athletic Sneakers

Athletic sneakers are the ones with a sporty feel. These sports sneakers are tailored to give you an athletic appearance. They have irresistible style and durability, which provides the best possible functionality.

It plays an essential role in your sneaker collection and is the type of sneakers that everyone should own, as it goes with every fit.

Ergon's Atlanta EA 01 and Kansas EK 04 collection are your best choice for a sporty look with a contemporary colour palette. 

High-top Sneakers

They are perfect for any party look and look very chic with suitable trousers and jeans. They are good to go to the court and for outings, as well as they have the sports sneakers and luxury feel at the same time.

You don't even have to worry about the socks' length and can flaunt those high socks effortlessly. The classic colours make them good for any event and hence are one of the best types of sneakers. 

Ergon's Tampa 01 hikers and biker sneaker collection are something you can try; it is available in classic dark brown and black colour.

Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers are those types of sneakers that are like an investment. They are always on the expensive side and can be used for a longer term if maintained well.

They go well with business and formal attire and are ultimately soft. Don't wear socks underneath that would be visible and correctly style them, and you will feel like you own the place. 

Ergon Style's Denver ED 05 has a rich leather sneaker collection, which is uniquely crafted.

    Difference Between Sneakers And Shoes

    Shoes are meant for giving warmth and comfort to your feet. The soft fabric makes it a part of everyday routine use. They are flexible and come with an ample amount of choice. The strong outsole makes it the best option to run in.

    Whereas sneakers have a rubber sole and thus are not a preferable option for sporting activities. A huge variety of sneakers is available for different fits.

    1. Material and Comfort

      Sneakers have a rubber sole which makes them super lightweight and comfortable. They are long-lasting and make no noise and thus can be used for daily activities.

      Whereas shoes provide warmth and comfort as they are made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyurethane. They are easy to maintain and clean as well. You need to select your shoes precisely, or you'll end up picking the heavy and uncomfortable ones.

    2. Purpose

      Sneakers are comfy and hence used for casual looks. They come in a range of designs, and there are many types of sneakers for different occasions. They are not so much to go in for running or walking but are best for styling.

      On the other hand, shoes are made for a wide range of use as they serve multiple purposes. The stability and gripping capacity make them an ideal choice.

    3. Cushioning

      Sneakers have rigid soles and thus do not provide much cushioning. On the other hand, shoes are well cushioned and provide ultimate comfort. It can be used for any activity as it has reasonable motion control and sturdiness.

    4. Durability and Stability

      Sneakers don't have much durability as they can not tolerate much pressure. They also tend to loosen up over time as they don't have much stability. The grip is not that good as some sneakers don't have laces, and thus there's no secure fit.

      Shoes are flexible and have excellent durability and stability. They can be used on rough terrains as they have an impeccable gripping capacity.


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