3 Hacks to Maintain Rainy Season Footwear

Monsoon Shoes
Rainy Season Footwear

The monsoon is probably the dreamiest and coziest season that exists! The rain makes all of us want to curl up in bed with a good book in hand, the sound of the rain hitting the rooftops ringing in our ears. 

In the case of the ones who don’t enjoy reading, then it makes you want to snuggle in a warm blanket and watch your favorite shows with a cup of hot chocolate!  

As long as you’re at home, watching the rain pour from the windows of your dry and warm comfortable room, the rains feel dreamy and even romantic. But what do you do on days when you’re forced to get out of bed and show up at work? That’s when the monsoon gets messy, one might even say - A little inconvenient 

Going out in the rain can get pretty messy. Your hair is frizzed up due to moisture, half-wet clothes, and dirty, soaking shoes that make a squeaking sound every time you take a step; not exactly what you pictured while romanticizing the rain, right? 

The struggle one goes through is never highlighted in the beautiful picture we paint, but the monsoon can be difficult and one of the biggest problems is taking care of your footwear.

Imagine getting dressed up and ready for a client meeting or a first date and you end up walking in with your shoes squeaking and oozing water with every step you take. Doesn’t seem very presentable, does it? 

This is why we’re here to help you get through the rains with ease and comfort! 

Maintain Your Footwear In The Rains

Maintaining your monsoon shoes is not an easy task. The rains cause your footwear to smell, leave them wet and covered in bacteria, and make them muddy. It is important to take care of your rainy season footwear so that your feet remain healthy and protected while you wear them.

  1. Freeze Your Shoes

Freeze? As in, shove your monsoon footwear in the freezer? Yes! Believe it or not, freezing your shoes is a blessing in disguise. It helps you get rid of the stinky, fungal odour that sticks to your shoes during the rainy season. 

There are other solutions you can try such as cleaning your monsoon shoes with vinegar or baking soda solution, putting teabags inside of them, and using deodarants. But in case none of these work, freezing your shoes is definitely something you should try. 

The steps to follow for freezing your shoes are pretty easy:

  • Dry off any excess water with a hand dryer. 
  • Put your shoes in a ziploc plastic bag. Use two if you want double protection to ensure your monsoon footwear doesnt drip water into your freezer. 
  • Leave them in for a 24 hours to receive a fresh pair of rainy season footwear!

    Freesing your footwear helps kills any breeding bacteria and rids the smell that settles into your shoes because of them.


      2. Dry Your Shoes Right

It is extremely important to ensure your footwear for rainy season is dried and fresh before you put it on. This ensures your shoes aren’t smelly and bacterial. 

However, there is a certain way you should go about it so that you avoid damaging your footwear in the process. 

You must avoid drying your shoes under the sun as it causes excessive wear. You may think that drying your shoes under the sun is speeding up the drying process, but its actually reducing the lifespan of your footwear by damaging them. 

Always dry your shoes indoors in a cool, dry environment that is also well-ventilated. While you can dry them in an air-conditioned room, it may cause the room to smell like the shoes for a while. 

When drying your shoes, removing the insoles and stuffing newspapers inside helps soak up the water and dries the shoes more quickly. Don’t forget to also wrap the outside of the shoe with a newspaper or a towel.

      3. Waterproofing Your Shoes

An easy way to avoid smelly or wet shoes during the rainy season is buying waterproof shoes! 

Having waterproof footwear means extra beathability for your feet during the rains. It also reduces the probability of of you getting an infection as waterproof shoes restrict the stagnant water from seeping into your shoes and making contact with your feet. 

Purchasing water-resistant footwear for rainy season helps keep your feet dry, comfortable, and free of any bacterial growth. However, if you don’t feel like buying a pair of waterproof shoes, you can always turn them waterproof yourself!

All you need is a shoe protection spray or beeswax and your shoes will be ready to get you through the monsoon weather. They may not be able to withstand a downpour but can definitely protect you from a few droplets of water. 

External Tips

Although these hacks may ensure your feet are protected from infections and bacteria while also helping you maintain your shoes and sandals for rainy season, you also require an extra set of suggestions to help you amplify the quality of your shoes!

  • Use a leather conditioner for maintaining your leather shoes in the monsoon. 
  • Keep naphthalene or camphor balls where you store your shoes. This will absorb the moisture and help keep your shoes fresh and dry. 
  • Polish your leather shoes regular with a wax polish of the same colour. 
  • Dust your shoes regularly even if you’re not wearing them daily. This helps you keep the bacteria out. 
  • An easy hack is using a hairdryer to dry your shoes quickly if they’re slightly moist. 
  • Ensure to place your shoes away from the walls and slightly above the ground level. This will protect them in case your walls turn damp during the rains.

Shoes and Sandals For Rainy Season 

The best footwear for rainy season are a set of shoes that are comfortable, easy to walk in, and provide good support. Supportive shoes with rubber soles are the best footwear for rainy season that you can purchase as they provide more breathability and added comfort. 

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