Everything you Need to Know About Top Shoe Brands in India

Shoe Brands in India

Footwear Brands in India

The shoe industry is an important business that is steadily growing in India. Shoes have become an integral part of the country’s marketplace, making India the second-largest producer of shoes.  From making basic and simple shoes to producing modern styles using state of the art machinery, India’s shoe industry has certainly developed magnanimously. 

Today, everyone has a different style of footwear and chooses to prioritise different aspects or characteristics of a shoe. Some would prefer comfortable shoes, some would prefer modern and trendy ones, while some prefer wearing sandals or comfortable leather shoes

Considering how people’s preferences are changing and their peculiarity relating to the kind of footwear they buy is increasing, the shoe brands in India also have to work or manufacture accordingly. 

As a result, shoes have evolved from simple canvas and leather shoes into a massive industry with a variety of stylish and comfortable ranges. Rather than being an item we use to protect our feet, shoes have become a key element that makes a difference in how we style our outfits. 

Along with the demand for different kinds of shoes, not only is the variety of shoes increasing but the number of brands that manufacture shoes has also gone up. Every brand and company is doing its best to follow trends and come up with something new that piques its audience’s attention. The competition is neck-to-neck as they all try to meet their customer’s needs in the best possible way. 

From reducing prices to running discounts and from introducing colors to maximizing comfort, brands are doing what it takes to sell their products. But in this sea of shoes and brands, how do you know which is right and what to pick? 

Best Shoe Brands In India 

Here, we shortlist a set of the 8 best shoe brands in India that produce high-quality, comfortable, and versatile footwear so you don’t get lost and confused in the sea of shoe brands!

  1. Ergon Style

    Looking for shoes that make sense? This is your stop! From dress shoes and leather sandals to casual shoes, sneakers, and trekking shoes, their range is impressive and flexible.
    Ergon Style is one of the few shoe manufacturers in India that design shoes meant to keep your feet happy. 

    All of their raw materials used, along with the soles, are manufactured in-house. Using German technology to produce soles and Italian machinery for tanning and finishing, Ergon construct shoes with the ideal designs and materials. 

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  2. Bata

    From women and men to children and seasonal footwear, Bata produces all kinds of footwear. 

    Being the largest footwear retailer in India, Bata has a massive fan following in the country. With over 1300 stores all over the country, the brand is immensely popular. 

    From school shoes and formal footwear to sandals, slippers, and casuals, Bata is easily one of the top footwear brands in India. The brand is known for its quality production of new designs and styles while pertaining to its customer’s needs.

  3. Nike

    This multinational American company has certainly made a lasting mark on India’s population. In addition to producing a versatile range of shoes, the brand also sells athleisure accessories and apparel. 

    Majorly popular for the high-quality sneakers they provide, Nike has become one of the leading premium footwear brands in India. 

    It offers a variety of shoes under several categories like running, snowboarding, tennis, soccer, skateboarding, and much more; all of this while working towards sustainability and expanding human potential.

  4. Lee Cooper

    While Lee Cooper is widely known for the quality denim apparel they provide, they also produce an extensive range of shoes and other accessories. The brand curates shoes under a number of different categories like formals, casuals, and flip-flops for all age groups and genders. 

    For their formal shoes, Lee Cooper makes use of genuine leather, and the design and pattern are popular on a global level. The stitching patterns, leather quality, and dark brown color are their signature and make them stand out from the rest.

  5. Hush Puppies

    Retailers in over 160 countries, including India, Hush Puppies is an American shoe brand that deals in quality and comfort. The refined quality of their shoes and the flexible, as well as lightweight comfort, make Lee Cooper one of the top footwear brands in India. 

    Popular for providing a large collection of formal and casual shoes, Hush Puppies has a great customer base that serves to show the trustworthiness of the brand’s shoe designs and their lasting styles.

  6. Woodland

    This Canadian brand has emerged as one of the most successful shoe brands in India. Holding a global and loyal customer base, Woodland is best known for their durable and rugged shoe patterns. 

    If you’re looking for premium quality shoes at an affordable price, Woodland is the brand you’re looking for. While Woodland produces several types of footwear like boots, shoes, sandals, and slippers, their trekking shoes are their bestselling item. 

    Their shoes are durable, long-lasting, tough, and have a significant design that makes them different from other shoe brands. Its rugged built and look have helped the brand build a massive customer base in India.

  7. Liberty

    Liberty is a brand that originated in India and is now successfully getting recognition even outside the country. From school shoes for kids to providing a broad collection of shoes and sandals for men, women, and children alike, Liberty is an exceptional brand that is currently selling in over 25 countries. 

    The brand is most popular for producing leather as well as non-leather shoes. If you wish to buy high-quality shoes of Indian origin, Liberty is your answer!

  8. Sparx

    Ranking t the second position in terms of revenue, Sparx is the ideal combination of comfort, style, and workmanship. The brand’s running shoes are quite popular with the Indian audience. 

    Sparx has successfully managed to gain the attention of the Indian audience with its affordable prices and durable design. The brand constantly introduces new designs and patterns while never compromising on factors like ample support, lightweight comfort, and a good grip. 

    This revolutionary brand produces everything from shoes and sandals to slippers! 

    Shoe Brands That Watch Out For Your Comfort

    While purchasing shoes, there are certain factors you must always keep in mind if you wish to ensure your shoes are worth the money you spend. Your footwear must be durable and comfortable for you to walk in.

    Additionally, if your shoes are flexible and trendy, they add a sense of youthfulness to your outfits and make you stand out from the crowd.

    The brands stated above are brands that would never compromise your feet’s comfort and the support and grip they require for the sake of fashion and style. They instead look for ways to combine fashion and comfort and give you a product you cannot resist.

    So, if you’re looking to buy shoes and were a bit confused about where to buy from, we hope this blog helped!