Best Summer Shoes Collection for Men 2022

Summer Shoes for Men
Summer Shoes Collection for Men


It’s almost time for the season of warmth and tanning. We’re all excited for beach days, ice creams, and of course; mangoes! It’s time to enjoy the comforting heat and friendly sunrays with a light and breezy wardrobe. But while we enjoy summer for all the good things it brings to us, there’s a downside too. 

Have you ever wondered about the effects of summer heat on your feet? Do you know why your feet hurt more in the summer? 

The small blood vessels in our feet expand due to summer heat. Although this is our body’s natural way of cooling off, it can lead to major problems for us. During this warm season, our feet swell up because of which our shoes fit differently. We tend to be more active and energetic in shoes that don’t fit right or provide the support and comfort our feet require during the summers. The lack of proper summer shoes leads to hotspots, critical swelling, and foot pain. 

Picking The Right Pair of Summer Shoes

To avoid these issues and a doctor’s appointment, it is important to pick the right pair of summer shoes (or two, who knows?) 

So, what kind of summer footwear should you choose? And how do you choose your ideal pair? In the summers, our feet need elevated support and relief from the scorching heat. It is important to give your feet room to breathe so that they don’t get sweaty and clammy. While purchasing your pair of summer shoes, remember to prioritize cushioning and the right amount of foot support.

Summers may be fun and energizing, but your feet would probably tell you a different story. Thus, summer shoes that help your feet cope with the inescapable heat are a necessary addition to your summer wardrobe.  

Ergon's Exciting & Comfortable Range 

Summers are an exhilarating season with fun activities and a vacation vibe. But what we’re most eager about is showing off our dynamic range of summer footwear. Our men’s summer shoes are the missing puzzle piece you need to complete your summer wardrobe: vibrant colors, breezy shirts, cozy shorts, and an amazing collection of summer shoes! 

You may think that flip-flops are the best choice of footwear during summer, but we’re here to prove you wrong! Here’s a list of stylish and comfortable summer footwear straight from the Ergon Style closet that will help you look good and feel good at the same time!

  • Boston EB-01 Men Navy Blue Leather Sandals- Summers make you wish for wardrobe items that are open and designed to provide you with maximum comfort. These navy blue leather sandals match your needs for a soft and breathable pair of sandals that allow your feet the space and comfort you need. 

    Brownie points for the dark and classy color that will add extra charm to your outfit and style!

  • Spring Field ES-02 Men Dark Brown Sandals- If you’re looking for a pair of sandals that are flexible and match your every outfit, you’ve found the one!

    These men dark brown sandals are breezy, stylish, and can easily complement your summer vibe with an elegant and classy design. Any event or activity that requires you to look casually fashionable but extremely comfortable? Ergon’s Spring Field sandals can help you out!

  • Spring Field ES-01 Men Black Slippers- Summers tend to make us too lazy to tie laces or make a lot of effort in how we dress. If you’re one of those men who like to look effortlessly cool and fashionable, we’re here with a solution for you with Ergon's men black slippers.

    A pair of slippers that enhance your style with a unique design on a daily basis! Just slip your feet in them to be transported to a world of comfort and ease!

  • Kansas EK-01 Men Brown Casual Shoes- Need a pair of shoes that add charm to your style but still support your feet? Our Kansas brown casual shoes might just convince you to ditch any other pair of men’s summer shoes thanks to their breathable and supportive design. Designed to provide you with maximum comfort, these shoes can give you the steady grip your feet need to stay healthy.

  • Atlanta EA-01 Men Dark Grey Casual Shoes- Summer calls for vibrant colors and funky combinations. Get ready to look your best with a pair of summer shoes from Ergon Style that provides you with a lively vibe and colorful comfort.

    These dark grey shoes are versatile enough to make you look youthful and charming on any casual lunch or picnic date! 

  • Kansas EK-02 Men Total Eclipse Casual Shoes- A duo of style and ease like no other! These men’s summer shoes strike the perfect balance between stability and a modern design that gives you the sophisticated look you desire. While the design is convincing enough, the materials and breathability of the shoes make them irresistible.

    The Total Eclipse are summer shoes that are fancy enough to look charming, but supportive enough for you to feel at ease!

  • Denver ED-04 Men Granite Grey Sneakers- A special mention to the shoes that are the talk of the town today! Ergon Style designs sneakers keeping comfort, versatility, and style in mind.

    A combination of colors and materials that are put together to look cool, innovative, and classy. If you’re a fan of sneakers, our Ergon's Denver grey sneakers are the best option to keep your feet cool on hot summer days. 

Look Cool, Feel Cool

On a hot day, your feet need to breathe and stay cool. Our collection of summer footwear is designed to provide you with what you need in a way that makes sense. The soles of every pair in Ergon’s range of summer shoes are curated while keeping in mind the supportive grip, elevation, and cushioning your feet require to avoid pain and swelling. Additionally, the materials used to construct these shoes are chosen considering breathability and durability.

Summer is a season that represents joy, vibrancy, and liveliness. But the wrong choice in footwear can take away some of the warmth summers bring into your life. Ergon Style’s range of men’s summer shoes is compiled while prioritizing your needs and desires in the most practical way possible. 

If you’re looking for a sign to buy your perfect pair of summer shoes, this is it! Check out our summer footwear collection to enjoy your summer to the fullest.