Shoes on Jeans - 5 Combinations of Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Shoes on Jeans
Combinations of Shoes to Wear with Jeans

A stylish pair of shoes can help you stand out from the crowd like a fancy Italian sports car in a street full of boring sedans. But why stop there? Take your style quotient to the next level by creating the most attractive outfit combinations with Ergon Shoes. And of course, can you name a more iconic duo than men's shoes on jeans? You can choose from a large variety of shoes to wear with jeans to best suit your personality, style and tastes. And hey - just because it’s stylish does not mean that you have to be uncomfortable! One standout benefit of this combo is that you are wearing comfortable shoes and jeans!

Before we even get started with the list, let’s lay down some ground rules. 

  1. Choose the Right Jeans: Slim fit, regular fit, skinny fit jeans - there are a lot of options. While all jeans are casual there are some kinds that are dressier than others. Distressed jeans, jeans with holes, and jeans with a lighter wash are all ultra-casual and will never go well with dress shoes. Ensure that the length of the jeans is not too long and drag on the floor.

  2. Pick the Right Shoes: The shoes are just as important as the jeans you pick! Getting the right style of shoes is essential to make sure your look works. When picking out dress shoes select a pair that leans more on the casual side. For example, oxfords while great, do not work with this combination due to their dressier look. Instead look into these styles: Blucher, Derby, or loafers.

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5 Combinations of Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Shoes on Blue Jeans

Black Sneakers on Blue Jeans

For the days when you have long schedules, lots of walking, or when you’re just feeling a craving for comfort - slipping on your favourite denim jeans and sports shoes seems like a fantastic idea.

But wait - you absolutely do not want to wear any kind of classic running shoes with jeans because that is a sure-fire way to take your look from cool and laidback guy to slightly out of touch dad real quick. So what should you wear, you ask?

Have a look at our Denver Black Sneakers - they offer the comfort you crave in a package that's street sexy to boot!

The chic blue accents and the tasteful urban colour wave are perfect for creating an understated balance between your jeans and sneakers. What’s more, they are supremely comfortable too - our signature Ergoflow lightweight polyurethane midsole offers unmatched stability.

The high-density polyurethane outsole offers better grip, durability and slip resistance as well. The shoe is also created with antimicrobial breathable fabric to keep your feet aerated and fresh all day, every day.

White Sneakers on Blue Jeans

These white sneakers are nothing like your average treadmill trudging trainer! They are sleek, clean and contemporary - easily one of the most stylish additions to your wardrobe, these casual sneakers stand out without the need to be loud. They are easy to pair and not hard to maintain, and are created from genuine Nappa leather!

White Sneakers on Blue Jeans
One of the hottest looks this season, quality denims matched with flawless white sneakers make for an irresistible look. After all, white shoes and denim are the textbook definition of fashion. Pair it with a jacket of any sort, and you have a perfect urban style ready. You can also throw on your favourite printed T-shirt to complete the jeans shoes style outfit with a cool, casual ‘I don’t care’ vibe. 

Tan Shoes on Blue Jeans

Want to inject your wardrobe with some effortless cool? Whip out your favourite sweater or hoodie, your favourite blue denims, and pair the two together with our Kansas EK-05.

 Tan Casual Shoes on Blue Jeans

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This is an outfit combination that is pulled together yet some how dressy. The shoes are comfy, breathable and light weight - perfect for a day on the move or at rest. The leather is easy to care for & gold rated leather working group (LWG,UK) certified tannery.

The good news goes one step further because it is also Naturally oiled to be water resistant. If you are wondering what shoes to wear with jeans - this is a go to answer!

Dark Brown Sneakers on Blue Jeans

The combination of an olive green tee, blue denim jeans, and the dark brown sneakers is indisputable proof that a simple casual outfit doesn't have to be boring.

And if you need to instantly dial down your getup with a pair of shoes, why not complete your getup with the best brown sneakers you can buy? Denver Dark Brown Sneakers.

Say hello to a pair of shoes that don’t need to be loud to stand out - just the right fit for this outfit combination. They offer supreme comfort, slip resistance, and breathability. And when looking for quirky jeans shoes style you cannot get something more unique than this!

Shoes on Black Jeans

White Sneakers on Black Jeans

Black jeans and white sneakers represent two of the most common menswear staples. Both are extremely versatile and can be styled in many ways to create an effortlessly cool look.

Individually, black jeans and white sneakers are designed for casual occasions and can easily be worn together without much effort.  For pairing men’s shoes on jeans, it does not get classier and simpler than this. 

Tan Sneakers on Black Jeans

Grey plaid blazer with black jeans is a classic for standout menswear styles. How about putting a fresh spin on an otherwise dressy getup by wearing a pair of brown sneakers?

Tan Sneakers on Black Jeans

The result is an shoes on jeans type outfit that’s at home at semi-formal events without being too formal or informal. It is an effortlessly dapper ensemble that’s sure to draw appreciative glances from everyone you meet! This colour wave of our signature Denver Tan Sneakers is just what you need to create the look.

White Casual Shoes on Black Jeans

White sneakers and black jeans - you can find the two in almost any wardrobe. Representing the ultimate in versatility, comfort and laid-back cool, shoes on jeans are essentials worn with everything and anything. Wearing them together though? It’s less common than you might think.

White Sneakers on Black Jeans

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But don’t fret, the combination can be a total showstopper if styled with care. When pairing these two, what you wear on the top is incredibly important - as the entire look depends on it. Our favourite combination is a plain white tee and a nice jacket. 

Brown Casual Shoes on Black Jeans

One of our favourite combinations all year round is black jeans and brown shoes. Although, when we say shoes we really mean brown boots like these: Kansas Brown Casual Shoes.

 Brown Casual Shoes on Black Jeans

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The completed outfit is a great example of how one can create elevated looks with everyday wear clothing.

And to build upon why our casual shoes are the perfect fit - they are created with soft Nappa leather combined with highly breathable fabric and suede leather for enhanced flexibility. The amount of support & comfort offered is second to none.

Final Words 

Now you know how to style shoes on jeans, why don’t you explore our wide selection of casual shoes & sneakers? Each shoe from Ergon Style is created with genuine materials and designed for your utmost comfort. Know a friend that needs help with picking what shoes to wear with jeans? Share this blog with them!