New Fashion Shoes Trend for Men in 2022

Shoes Trend 2022


Shoes were an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot - very straightforward and simple in their use. However as time has passed, our needs have changed. Apart from protection, your shoes are a crucial part of your outfit.

Today we put a much greater focus on factors such as the style, the materials, weight, and durability.  The design of new fashion shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture, with form originally being tied to function to now almost form.

Interestingly, new fashion shoes often vary in their form based on the occasion they are designed for - tennis shoes, heels, joggers, etc. 

Today shoe trends are followed with just as much interest as clothing designers. Everyone has heard about in-demand sneakers like Jordans or Yeezys. 

Sneakers are the most popular shoe trend, they are primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but are now also widely used for everyday casual wear.

Since the popularization of this shoe trend by companies such as Converse, Nike and Addidas, new fashion shoes have become a part of everyday street attire, with the variety growing in many global markets exponentially. 

At Ergon, we offer new fashion shoes that are created with your every need in mind. From comfort to fashion to durability - we’ve thought of everything.

Whether you’re stepping out for a morning walk or dashing your way to work - your feet will be comfortable and stylish in a pair of Ergon shoes.

So start now! Shop the latest shoe trends from Ergon Style.

Add New Fashion Shoes to your Collection

Let’s face it, no matter how many shoes a sneaker head buys, there is always something new with more advanced technology or a new pattern or colourway that catches your fancy. And any collection is complete without a pair of these new fashion shoes.

To help direct you towards a new category that might just steal your heart - we’ve created a quick list for you!

Leather Sneakers

Once synonymous with formal shoes, leather has now been introduced to a variety of casual shoes, especially new fashion shoes.

The right pair of leather shoes will fit your feet comfortably and give your feet the support needed to stay on your feet - whether it's at a long meeting or at a laidback party.

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This shoe trend is all about creating an effortless look. Perfect for adding a soft touch to an otherwise hardline outfit - these can also be styled with formal shirts and work trousers. 


Men Black Sneakers

Crafted from high-quality leather, these sneakers are easy on your feet and the eyes.

The signature black and gold finish is elevated further by a trendy zipper on the side. Perfect for adding some flair that goes perfectly with jeans or black chinos.

They’re sure to win many admiring glances at your next night out clubbing or dining. 

Slip-on Sneakers

When speed and comfort are of the utmost importance - you can never go wrong with slip-on sneakers! Slip-ons are some of the most comfortable, convenient and low maintenance shoes you can add to your collection.

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Created with materials like faux leather, canvas, or other synthetics - this shoe trend is all about creating easy clean and low maintenance footwear.

Pair these sneakers with casual clothing such as joggers, khaki shorts, denim jeans, or chino trousers for a look that’s fit for the gym or lounging at a friends place.

Men White Sneakers

Men White Sneakers

The sneakers you want to have when you're ready to make a quick dash. The style and colour of these shoes is designed to ensure that they are less likely to get scuffed, stained, and scratched than their white counterparts. Furthermore you will find our signature comfort sole and slip resistance features. 

Casual Shoes

A good pair of casual shoes is a must-have! Featuring relaxed colours, designs and materials - these are just what you need for your next weekend getaway.

Don’t like lacing up your shoes? Pick a pair of casual shoes without any! You can walk around, lounge and travel in comfort with a solid pair of casual shoes. And these new fashion shoes are no slouches in the style department.

The sense of casual comfort also translates to their style. Wear them confidently with your best pair of trousers or denim jeans and a cool checks shirt for a look that’s good for the beach or the mall.

Men Brown Casual Shoes

Brown Casual Shoes

Black as the night, these slip-on sneakers are just what you need for an understated yet distinct look.

We all know how difficult it is to create a subtle outfit - with these shoes you never run the risk of looking shabby or under-dressed.

Style them with your best chinos or denim jeans and a smart casual shirt. This look is iconic and a must-have!

Fashion is something that doesn’t stay the same for a long time. It’s changing today, tomorrow and forever - keep up with all the latest new fashion shoes for men right here on Ergon Style.