An Ultimate Guide for your Traveling Shoes

Traveling Shoes

Travel Shoes      

Going on a trip is an exciting prospect. You’re looking forward to all the adventure, exploration, and newness that comes with a travel journey. To ensure that everything on the trip is enjoyable and pleasant, you plan it down to the dot. 

From booking your hotel and tickets to planning out your itinerary and readying your travel documents, your adventure is bound to be fun if you’ve checked every item off your list. But your planning will always remain incomplete if you haven’t arranged for a comfortable outfit and pair of shoes. 

Be it any kind of trip, you’ll be depriving yourself of a good time if you pick the wrong pair of shoes. Contrary to what you may believe, a comfortable pair of travel shoes play a pretty big role in ensuring you have a good trip and enjoy it to the fullest. If you’ve got the wrong pair, you’re likely to be grumpy and annoyed for the better part of your vacation. 

Rather than focusing on the scenery and good food, you’ll be paying attention to the constant discomfort your shoes are bringing you. Doesn't sound like the ideal holiday, does it? 

Exactly why it is crucial to purchase a good and comfortable pair of men’s travel shoes so that you can have the best time!

The Right Pair of Travel Shoes

There are several things you need to consider before you buy a pair of traveling shoes. Are they comfortable? Do they go with what I’m wearing? Since you cannot bring your whole shoe collection on the trip, you need to find the answers to all of these questions and only then make your purchase.

  1. Consider Your Locality & Activity

    The place you’re planning to go to for your traveling expedition and the activity you’re looking to perform there are important factors to keep in mind while picking your footwear. If you are going for a trek, shoes with high functionality and good grip would be the perfect choice for you. Moreover, if the trek is taking place in a damp and moist location, such as a waterfall, ensuring your trekking shoes are waterproof would be an additional benefit.

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    On the contrary, if you end up wearing trekking shoes to a beach, you won’t feel comfortable and you’ll look out of place.

  2. Weight

    Traveling comes with limited space and therefore a limited number of things you can carry. Lightweight shoes can easily help you save up space and also add their own charm to your outfits. 

    Bulky shoes tend to be heavy on your feet and even heavy to carry. Not only do they take up more space, but they also attract a lot of attention while you walk as they have a tendency to be noisy. 

    Purchasing light traveling shoes save up luggage space, are easier to carry in your bags, and feel easy to walk in. An extra benefit of picking light shoes is that thanks to the space they save up, you can carry more pairs of shoes!

  3. Comfort

    Here’s a piece of friendly advice: Always prioritize comfort before style. If you have a pair of shoes that look charming and classy but they make your feet hurt, it’s best to leave that pair at home.

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    On a trip away from home, you need a pair of traveling shoes that will keep your feet comfortable on all kinds of surfaces. The wrong footwear can lead to blisters, swollen feet, and severe pain. In addition to limiting the amount you can explore on your feet, it will also ruin your mood and make you irritable. 

    If you want to make the best out of your journey, the smart decision would be to prioritize comfortable over fashionable.

  4. Durability

    Imagine purchasing a pair of shoes that end up coming apart on the second day of your trip. That’s a bummer! Durability is one of the most crucial factors to consider while picking your travel shoes. 

    You need to ensure that the pair you’re carrying with you is capable of enduring repeated use and withstand activities like walking and running. It is best advised to never compromise on the quality of your footwear. After all, your delicate shoes betraying you in the middle of a trip will only increase your travel expense!

  5. Weather

    Each weather has a different kind of effect on your feet and each effect requires a different kind of treatment. You need the right pair of shoes to protect your feet during all kinds of weather. 

    During the cold, you need shoes that provide warmth and room to breathe. In the monsoon, the important features to look for are water proofing and slip resistance. However, the waterproof shoes might not work for you in the summer as they leave no room to breathe and cramp your feet. 

    Every weather condition has a different requirement of shoes. Depending on the weather of the location you’re traveling to, you can pick shoes that provide maximum comfort.

  6. Colour

    The color of your shoes plays an important role in your overall appearance. Your shoe’s color decides your aesthetic and the kind of vibe you give off. 

    For example, if you pick bright colored shoes like red and yellow, you can look more youthful, approachable, and modern. Vibrant shoes like these work best when you’re walking the streets of a foreign city, playing the role of a tourist. 

    However, in certain situations such as a trek or a hike, it is preferable to stick with neutral and dark colours like black, brown, or grey.

  7. Versatility

    Sometimes, you run out of luggage space. There’s not enough room to fit multiple pairs of shoes and sandals in your suitcases. This is especially frequent when you’re traveling by flight. So, how do you rock the outfit you had in mind if you can’t carry the shoes that go with it? 

    Simple: You pick a pair of men’s travel shoes that go with just about everything. If you have a versatile pair of shoes, it increases your convenience and lessens the amount of bags you have to lug around.

    Extra Tips for Extra Comfort

    The above factors can help you choose the right men’s travel shoes, but we’re here to help you maximise the comfort your receive!

    • Pick a pair of good quality socks to go with your shoes. 
    • Break into your shoes before the trip to avoid shoebites or blisters. 
    • Look for shoes with good support and insoles to make your feet feel at home. 

    So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know to make sure you’re buying the right shoes and not making any expensive mistakes.The shoes and sandals at Ergon Style meet every factor you’re looking for in your perfect shoe. 

    If you’re planning your next adventure right now and need a pair of shoes that won’t let you down, feel free to check out Ergon Style!