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If you're like most men, you love shoes! But finding the perfect pair can be tough. There are certain different types of shoes every man should have in their collection. Depending on the style, comfort, and occasion, you must possess various types of shoes. If not, you will end up wearing the same pair of shoes to a restaurant and your workplace when it was meant to be worn only to play sports. Therefore, let us have a look at different types of shoes for men.

Some of the Different Types of Shoes for Men

Let us now take a look at the different types of shoes that you will undoubtedly find in a man’s shoe collection.

Casual Shoes

Casual footwear refers to shoes that are a little less formal and cosy. Hence, they can be referred to as daily wear shoes. The greatest casual shoes promote comfort and ease. These are the kinds of shoes that don't need a lot of thought, whether they are worn in offices, on walks around the park, to the gym, or just about the house. There are a lot of different types of shoes when it comes to casual wear.

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Sneaker Shoes

Sneakers are versatile pairs of trendy and stylish shoes that are loved by millions of people around the globe. Sneakers provide fabulous comfort and flexibility along with being highly fashionable. Ergon shoes have a wide variety of sneakers on their website, Ergonstyle.

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Dress Shoes

Any footwear that covers your feet, such as a Derby, an Oxford, or loafers, falls under the category of a dress shoe. It is a necessity for every man to own at least one pair of dress shoes. Dress shoes are perfect for a business meeting or a special occasion. They provide good arch support and are made to be durable. They can also be stylish, so you can look your best.

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5 Shoes Every Man Should Own

Let us now take a look at 5 shoes every man should own.

  • Atlanta Dark Grey Casual Shoes
    The Atlanta Dark Grey Casual shoes are a well-designed pair of daily wear shoes. The shoe's upper part is made out of genuine Nappa leather and highly breathable fabric. It also consists of suede leather for better flexibility. It also has a soft and breathable textile lining and a dual-colour thermoplastic rubber outsole. The Ergosoft removable polyurethane moulded footbed provides better comfort because of the antimicrobial breathable fabric.
    dark grey casual shoes
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  • Brown Patina Sneaker Shoes
    The double-coloured laces and the fine-grain leather engineered to provide the suede effect make the Brown Patina Sneakers one of a kind. These breathable sneakers have midsoles made with Ergosoft polyurethane which makes them extremely light in weight. The outsoles are made of high-density polyurethane for better endurance and grip. The removable Ergosoft polyurethane which adds to the comfort of your heels is what makes these sneakers so special.
    brown patina sneakers
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  • Black Sneaker Shoes

    These black sneakers easily rank among the most fashionable items in your closet because they make a statement without being excessively flashy. They can be considered as daily wear shoes. They are constructed from genuine Nappa leather making them simple to match and easy to maintain. Your feet stay dry and fresh all day long thanks to their soft and breathable textile lining. They also have a removable Ergosoft polyurethane moulded footbed. Ergoflow's flexible polyurethane midsole relieves pressure on the feet and offers support and relaxation. The high-density polyurethane outsole of the sneakers ensures better traction, greater durability, and slip resistance.

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  • Beige Dress Shoes

    These dress shoes are a lovely blend of genuine workmanship and cutting-edge shoemaking technology. Real leather is used in the shoe to create a sophisticated feel. When you put on these relaxed, casual shoes with chinos for a Sunday brunch or even a date, you'll look effortlessly stylish. These casual sneakers include a smooth, breathable inner lining that keeps your feet comfortable all day. For improved heel protection, the removable Ergosoft polyurethane footbed cushions and moulds to your feet. Ergoflow polyurethane, the material used to make the midsole, is lightweight and reduces the weight of the shoe, improving traction.

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  • Black Hikers & Bikers

    These outdoor men's shoes are a must-have addition to your collection because they were designed for the man of the open roads. These stylish shoes will work well for you because they provide comprehensive protection and a rugged appearance made of thick, oily leather that is long-lasting as well as water-resistant. These shoes are extremely durable since they contain TPU heel protection and composite plastic toe caps that are wrapped in thick Italian leather to protect your toes. Ergoflow lightweight polyurethane is hammered into the midsole to provide comfort and stability. A good grip and longer wear are guaranteed by the Rubber outsole's high tolerance for abrasion, slip resistance, and oil resistance. The antibacterial fabric on the Ergosoft polyurethane footbed provides additional comfort and freshness.

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    black hikers & bikers

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On a final note, owning these 5 shoes mentioned above is bound to complete your shoe collection to an extent. These are the basics every man needs to have. Beyond this, there are many other factors that come into play such as finding a pair of shoes that exactly matches your outfit, patterns, designs, and so on. If you need a shoe for everyday wear then go for casual shoes or casual sneakers. Whereas, if you need a pair of shoes for a formal occasion or a party then dress shoes are your best option. If you are going for a trek or on rough terrain, then hikers & bikers are the way to go. Invest in these five basic sets of shoes and complete your shoe collection!