Tips for Choosing Best Trekking Shoes in India

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If you're planning a trek, it's so important to choose the proper footwear. It is a fact that every trekker has their own preferences about what kind of shoes they need for trekking. Trekking shoes have become increasingly popular worldwide over the past decade and their popularity is only growing. Whether you're looking for a pair of expensive hiking shoes or affordable ones, you should know some basic tips that will help you decide what kind of features should consider when choosing trekking shoes. So let us take a look at the kinds of factors that come into play while choosing the best trekking shoes.

What are Trekking Shoes?

Trekking shoes, otherwise known as trekking boots or hiking boots, are essential equipment for hiking. Trail shoes are designed to be lightweight, rugged and durable. They are essentially lightweight outdoor footwear that provides ankle support for walking on different surfaces such as rocky glaciers, soft grass, hard pavement and even gravel. They are made especially to provide comfort, safety, and protection to your feet. 

When you are selecting the best trekking shoes, you must go for a pair which is extremely sturdy as well as light so that you don’t end up twisting an ankle. They are cut high compared to hiking boots and hence give your feet the best oblique support in irregular terrain with their sturdy shaft. The sole is reasonably cushioned making it which grants it a high level of surefootedness in uneven terrain. The shoe features a waterproof layer which keeps the feet dry during the rains. All these highlights make mountain trekking shoes the perfect choice for providing ideal grip and topmost protection in poor terrain conditions.

Trekking Shoes - Cuts and Materials

The most customary upper materials used for making the best hiking shoes are leather and breathable synthetic. Leather is good to wear in dry conditions because they provide comfort, resilience, and stability. Whereas, in cold and moist weather, synthetic material is preferred over leather since it is waterproof, more breathable and dries quickly. 

Manufacturers produce unisex models as well as boots specially designed for men and women. Since men have wider heels than women, it is better to select shoes which are specially designed for the respective gender. Men’s trekking shoes also have a rather lower and narrower shaft because of the shape.

Tips to consider while buying the best trekking shoes in India

We all know that the fit of your shoes is just as important as the fit of your hiking boots. When you're trekking through the mountains for days on end, you need support, and you need it fast. The heel fit, ankle support, and lacing are key factors in making sure your shoes are comfortable and supportive during long hikes. When picking out the best hiking shoes for yourself, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Make sure the heel fits securely. If you can move your heel around in the shoe, there's a good chance it will blister or chafe.

  • The midfoot must be well secured in order for the shoe to work well on your feet. Lace up your shoe about 15 minutes after putting it on and see if you can feel any difference in how well it fits.

  • The toes need space at the front and should not touch at the top of the shoe—this can cause pressure points when you're walking downhill, especially if there's snow or ice involved!

  • The upper should roll around your ankle tightly so that it provides support for your ankle and prevents blisters from forming too quickly during long trips into nature!


Get the Perfect Fit!

Trekking shoes with Gore-Tex Surround technology keep your feet dry and cool, so they're perfect for long treks in the hot sun. But just because they're great at keeping your feet dry doesn't mean they'll be comfortable all day long! Try them on in the afternoon, when they're less swollen than when you first put your foot into them. Try out any new mountain trekking shoes you find in the store or online before committing to a purchase to ensure they fit well.

You can also get a better fit by using thicker socks or insoles if needed. And if your feet tend to pressure points, go ahead and wear them around the house. Spraying them with waterproofing spray before wearing them will help keep dirt from sticking to their leather surfaces, which will help keep them looking nice longer!

Tampa ER-01 Men Black Hikers & Bikers and Tampa ER-01 Men Dark Brown Hikers & Bikers are one of the best trekking shoes in India sold by Ergonstyle. They are a must-add to your shoe collection as they give you a robust look along with complete protection. They will undoubtedly last you for a very long time. They are made out of rich oily leather which is both water-resistant and durable. These mountain trekking shoes have composite plastic toe caps covered with rugged Italian leather protecting the toes. TPU protects your heel which offers amazing performance and flexibility. The midsole of the shoe is hammered out of Ergoflow lightweight polyurethane for comfort and stability. The Rubber outsole has a high tolerance for abrasion, slip and oil resistance, ensuring a good grip and increased longevity. All these features make them some of the best trekking shoes in India.


Trekking shoes are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a hiking shoe that is comfortable, affordable, versatile and also good-looking. Many people do not understand what the benefits of trekking shoes really are and they may only know them by their looks or brand name recognition. The truth is that trekking shoes offer all the best qualities of other walking or hiking shoes with additional functionality and are the best option if you want to keep your feet comfortable and in shape on all your walks to the top of a mountain or over hills.