Best Shoe Colours to Keep in Mind to Match your Pants

best shoe colour

best shoe colour

The secret to dressing well is knowing how to choose the right pair of shoes. It’s not just about picking out the right jeans or the right shirt—it’s also about figuring out what shoe will go with your favourite pair of pants. If you’re looking to make a good impression at a business meeting, you want to make sure that your shoes match your outfit. If you’re going for a casual pitch in an informal setting, you might want to opt for something more casual than if you were heading into an old-school boardroom for an important job interview.

So how do you pick out the right pair? The best rule of thumb is to look at what colour matches your outfit and then pick some similar shades from the same family (like navy blue and brown). But this isn't always easy because different brands have different shapes and styles of their shoes so it's best to check out some different options before making a decision. 

So, let us take a look at the best shoe colour that go with different shades and styles of pants.

Shoes with Grey Pants

Grey pants and black casual shoes are a classic combination. The grey pants give you a sophisticated, professional look, while the black casual shoes complete the look with a trendy edge. If you're going for this look, make sure that your grey pants are slim-fitting and your black casual shoes are made of leather.

Two great options for shoes with grey pants are Kansas EK-03 Men Black Casual Shoes and Kansas EK-05 Men Black Casual Shoes. You can find them on the Ergonstyle website. They are made out of combination of different leathers like soft Nappa leather with breathable fabric and suede leather. This enhances the flexibility of the shoe. The Ergoflow sole provides comfort, performance, and a distinct appearance to the shoe. The removable footbed comes with an antimicrobial breathable fabric for better comfort. When it comes to selecting black casual shoes with grey pants, you can never go wrong!

Shoes with White Pants

When you're wearing a pair of white pants, you want to make sure that the shoes are complementary. If your feet are going to be in a lot of different situations, they need to be able to do a little bit of everything. That means you should opt for shoes that match your outfit—a bold colour might work in one situation but be too loud in another.

The best shoe colour to use when pairing them with pants is brown. They're a classic and go with everything. They can even help add some variety if you're feeling like a little more contrast would look good on the outfit (like if you were wearing some tights instead of leggings).

Two fabulous options for matching shoes with white pants are the Kansas Dark Brown Casual Shoes and Kansas Tan Casual Shoes which you can buy from the Ergonstyle website. These rare pieces of footwear make you look cool and trendy. The inner lining is fashioned to feel like a sock made from a breathable material, keeping you fresh throughout the day. The Leather is top-grain and rich with a nubuck treatment for the velvet and sanded-down look. The elastic laces make the shoe hassle-free. They are ergonomically designed to provide the ultimate relaxation and luxury. Brown or tan casual shoes with white pants are bound to give you an urban and stylish look.

Shoes with Formal Pants

The best shoes with formal pants are generally formal shoes like oxfords and Derbys. Although there are other shoe options that compliment formal pants and look good with the right dress trousers like boots.

Navy Blue Dress Shoes accompany dark blue pants and oxblood oxfords with dark red pants. Brown shoes and brown pants are classic just like black shoes and black pants. If you are confident and relaxed then monochrome is a fabulous look too.

navy dress shoes

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The Denver Men Tan Dress Casual Shoes is a fantastic option to consider while looking for options to buy. They are meant to be worn for work or post-work scenes. The Ergoflow Polyurethane is used in the midsole and the outsole which is great in giving good bounce, stability, and resisting slipping. The flexible and snug nature of the shoe comes from the sock-like soft textile lining. It is made out of a specially tanned leather called Nappa for shape retention. The Denver ED-05 Men Navy Dress Casual Shoes is another similar option to look at. They make exceptional dress casual shoes with formal pants.

tan dress casual shoes

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Shoes with Brown Pants

A tricky colour to style is brown. Of course, they go with black but what else? There are still a number of colours that do go with brown pants. Black, brown, burgundy, grey, tan, and navy shoes with brown pants are ideal colours that match this shade. The best shoe colour that complements it is white. 

You can check out the Denver Silver Birch Sneakers from the Ergon Style website. They are breathable sneakers that have double-coloured laces and fine-grain leather is engineered to provide a suede effect. The Ergosoft polyurethane used in the midsoles makes these sneakers as light as possible. The outsoles of the sneakers give you better grip, stability, and durability because of the high-density polyurethane used. They are also equipped with removable Ergosoft polyurethane moulded footbeds for better heel comfort. These sneaker shoes with brown pants will give you an outstanding look.

silver birch sneakers

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Another stylish addition to your wardrobe could be the Denver Men White Sneakers that are made from genuine Nappa leather. They have a soft and breathable textile lining that keeps your feet fresh and comfortable throughout the day. The Ergoflow lightweight polyurethane midsole takes the tension off the feet and provides stability and comfort. The polyurethane in the outsole also helps in increasing grip, durability, and resistance.

men white sneakers

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On a final note, if you know your way around a matching pair of shoes and pants, then there's no reason to stay stuck in a rut. Breaking out of your shoe-and-pants comfort zone will allow you to add variety to your wardrobe and sort of revamping your style with new colours that expand your repertoire of clothing. Avoid the temptation to go with the same shade of brown. Opt for a lighter or darker brown, depending on your selected garment. Also, it's recommended to avoid red and blue unless you're going for something contemporary and fashionable. So why wait? Get out there and make the most out of that next outfit opportunity.